These days, for any business, the primary objective is to get clients addict to their app. However, we as a whole know how hard a customer maintenance to measure and upgrade. This is valid over a wide range of versatile applications paying little heed to the business. In this article, we would see some tips to boost your app user engagement with retention.

Various demonstrated strategies can enhance your application standard for dependability and underneath are the some of them are mentioned below.

Application Indexing

An App Index is the administration that Google offers to give clients a chance to find your application over the list items when they utilize smart phones with relevant keywords. If the customer as of now downloaded your application on his/her phone, at that point, they would see the app symbol as an alternative to open the application. In any case, if the application isn’t installed, at that time the clients will see a preview of your app with a choice that will lead them to the Google Play Store and iO’S App Store.

Application Indexing gives you benefits in both ways: Attracting new clients and client maintenance. On the off chance that somebody never heard or think about your application then this will help in getting new customers.


It doesn’t make a difference whether it is an iOS or Android application if you truly need to enhance your app maintenance, at that point giving your clients rewards to utilize your application can go far. Rewards like coupons, discounts, promotion codes and so on can drive your customers toward your application and will help support transformations and upgrade engagement.


Application Remarketing

You can send push messages to the active clients yet shouldn’t something be said about the individuals who quit push message? Send a one of a kind update about your new application highlights, plans, and so on to re-connect with your clients. In light of your customers’ practices and inclinations, you can get them back on track with your re- marketing advertisement.

A/B Testing

One of the successful approaches to enhance your client maintenance is by A/B testing. It makes you more proficient with regards to advertising efforts and drives better transformation rates. For example, if an app developer has a mobile game which contains an in-app purchase for extra levels. At that point, the developer can test different pennants for various levels to check which one is clicked by the most app users.

Monitor Uninstalled Users

Certainly, there will be slightest maybe a couple of clients at who uninstalled your application. So keep a track and discover with its customers what made them uninstall the application. By knowing the reason why people uninstall would help to remove those issues and save other users.

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